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Band C.H.A.M.P

Community Health Ambassadors for Minorities Program (Band C.H.A.M.P.) is a multi-level intervention that combines peer-to-peer health education among students designed to increase health literacy, disease risk awareness, healthcare system basics, reverse projected preventable chronic cardiometabolic disease trend, and decrease barriers to achieving optimal health. According to previous reports from the CDC, 1 out of 2 minorities born year 2000 and after, are projected to develop type 2 diabetes sometime during their lifespan. Band C.H.A.M.P was developed to intervene in these projections. Ambassadors are selected and educated on preventable chronic diseases such as obesity and diabetes, and they creatively and innovatively deliver this pertinent evidence-based disease prevention information to their peers. Health ambassadors are trained by licensed health practitioners on administering certain health screens like checking weight and height to calculate BMI, measuring body circumference to perform body fat analysis, and conducting blood pressure checks where the perform health screening clinics at various times during school year.  

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