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Diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure and other cardiometabolic diseases worsen the effects of COVID-19. Persons with these conditions experience more severe symptoms related to COVID-19, greater risk of hospitalization, and higher mortality rates. H.E.A.L. Mississippi offers preventive health services to help mitigate the effects of COVID-19. 

  • Schedule COVID-19 in home testing or office visit

  • Schedule COVID-19 vaccination in home visit or our office

  • Schedule a COVID-19 community vaccination event

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Diabetes, high blood pressure, and other cardiometabolic diseases most often go undetected in the early stages of disease development. Signs and symptoms are often unnoticed as they can appear as normal everyday bodily function such as fatigue, unquenchable thirst, infrequent but more frequent than normal headaches especially after meals, frequent urination and others. Early detection can help prevent worsened symptoms and relieve and reverse present symptoms. H.E.A.L. Mississippi offers community health screenings to aid in early detection, especially in lower socioeconomic communities where these conditions are most prevalent.

  • Schedule a community health screening clinic

  • Schedule an office preventive health screening

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