H.E.A.L. Mississippi is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization whose mission is to empower Mississippians on the importance of Healthy Eating and Active Living. Our vision is to reverse the advancement of obesity and obesity related diseases particularly in lower income areas where resources are at a minimum. We aim to improve all health outcomes but specifically in obese individuals suffering from diabetes, hypertension, cardiac diseases, and high cholesterol. 

H.E.A.L. Mississippi was founded in 2017 in a strategy to improve health outcomes in lower income areas across the state. Obesity and the deadly diseases associated with obesity, are most prevalent in lower income areas and Mississippi ranks # 1 in the country, having 21% of its population living in poverty. With poverty and obesity running hand and hand in the state, H.E.A.L. Mississippi aims to stop this connection by empowering those who don’t have the means to afford healthcare and proper nutrition.





First and most importantly, we will assess our clients’ levels of health. Clients will undergo a full physical examination and health assessment with our physician. Also, clients will complete a nutrition assessment and diagnosis with our nutritionist, graded exercise tests and fitness assessment with our clinical exercise physiologist. From here, we tailor a plan of action for our clients individually. This also helps us to identify any contraindications to program participation and any barriers we need to help clients overcome. This is the beginning of change for our clients, change to healthier more active lives.



The Program

H.E.A.L. Mississippi consists of 4 components:


We all have heard the age old adage, “You are what you eat.” Eating healthy = Healthy right? What exactly is eating healthy? Everyone responds differently to eating whether good or bad. Here we equip our clients with practical tips and tools to eating healthy and sensibly based on their specific needs. We will go into detail on the effects of food in the body, good and bad. Clients will be empowered individually and in group settings to live healthier lives nutritionally.



Often an overlooked form of medicine, exercise and physical activity have long been the catalyst to preventable diseases related to obesity and obesity itself. The rapid increase of obesity and its related diseases prompted healthcare practitioners and the federal government to set the first physical activity guidelines for Americans in 2008.  So in this component we empower clients on the importance of exercise and clients will also be prescribed an exercise prescription specifically for them, initially supervised by our Clinical Exercise Physiologist.



Lifestyle is often defined as the choices you make/decisions that reflect personal preference and shape daily routines.  How we eat determines and dictates our life and quality of life in addition to living an active life. Both are key in prevention and reversing adverse health outcomes and improving our quality of life. In this component we focus on lifestyle and making the appropriate, necessary sustainable changes. We will address and help our clients overcome any mental and physical barriers to living healthier more active lives.


We offer a multidisciplinary intervention that combines the necessary elements needed to treat and reverse the effects of obesity and diseases related to obesity holistically. Exercise and proper nutrition have long been the catalyst to being healthy and staying healthy. Even in individuals who are genetically predisposed to obesity and diseases related to obesity, exercise and proper nutrition can eliminate those genetically induced predispositions.