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Health Programs

Diabetes is more prevalent in Mississippi than in any other state in the country and Mississippi leads the nation in uncontrolled/ poor management of diabetes which results in greater risk of diabetic complications like kidney failure and limb amputations. At H.E.A.L. Mississippi we believe diabetes management is more than just managing HbA1C levels, it’s also managing the incidence of diabetes.

At H.E.A.L. Mississippi, we offer a variety of scientific evidence-based health programs designed to help people with diabetes properly manage their condition, reduce diabetes related complications, and also reduce the incidence of diabetes in Mississippi. Controlling diabetes and the incidence of diabetes is more than just about watching how much sugar you intake, it’s also about addressing and managing the other modifiable risk factors that could lead to diabetes like obesity, physical inactivity, stress, and poor diet. Our health programs address all these risk factors for persons of all ages.

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